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Release 1.9.1

january 7,2017 by Agron85

New version 1.9.1 of CycloGraph is out. We have updated Qt version to support qtwebengine. We also dropped support for Windows Xp so if you use it stay with 1.9.0.

Release 1.9.0

july 16,2017 by Agron85

New version 1.9.0 of CycloGraph is out. We have updated create KML functionality, removing broken services and adding a new one. For GTK ui we have updated Webkit to Webkit2.

1.8.0 Windows installer

september 18,2015 by Agron85

The Windows installer of release 1.8.0 have an error that prevent it from working so we upload a new version (cyclograph_1.8.0_win32_installer_1.exe) that fixed the problem, you can find it in the download section.

Release 1.8.0

september 16,2015 by Agron85

New version 1.8.0 of CycloGraph is out. We have ported the code to Python 3 and Qt5, added legend to the graph and improved cli options. There is also a fix for svg generation without 3d effect.

Release 1.7.1

october 12,2014 by Agron85

New version 1.7.1 of CycloGraph is out. We have fixed the html report with OpenLayers path still pointing to the old URL, and the import function with a given number of points that was broken in Qt interface, you can now import only a part of a path (range of distances).

Release 1.7.0

august 4,2014 by Agron85

New version 1.7.0 of CycloGraph is out. you can now import only a part of a path (range of distances). There are also support for YOURS service, fixed Geonames service (new API), and changed openlayers version that fixes layers selection and zoom on the map. We have also dropped gtk+ 2.0 interface.

Release 1.6.1

october 24,2013 by Agron85

With the version 1.6.1 of CycloGraph you can now save map window to image and open fitlog files. There are also some bugfixes: correct tcx files import, fixed average grad calc, km bar drawing color on Qt gui for black theme, Qt translation and finally fixed import data from osrm site.

Release 1.6.0

april 12,2013 by Agron85

New CycloGraph release, version 1.6.0, with a new map window that shows map of your routes. To save more informations there is also a new file format, cgx, insthead of the old csv. The import action is now integrated in the open action. If altitudes aren't in the gpx and kml files they will be downloaded from the web. Finally Cyclograph adds map in html reports.

Release 1.5.2

november 18,2012 by Agron85

New CycloGraph release, version 1.5.2 . We have added a filter in the import dialog to allow the selection of the step between consecutive cps. We removed the Google Maps direction service because it was broken, and inserted the open route service and OSRM instead. Finally there is now an user manual and a new blue theme.

Release 1.5.1

july 14,2012 by Agron85

New CycloGraph release, version 1.5.1 . We have fixed "save as image" for qt4 interface for for jpeg and bmp type, and also fixed a bug in haversine formula (for distant points). CycloGraph now support kml ext. version 2.2, there is a resizable splitter in qt4 "create" window and a new report in html. We have also added a new info of slope, height gain.

Release 1.5.0

january 6,2012 by Agron85

New year and a new CycloGraph release, version 1.5.0 . You can now create pdf files with graphics and info of your slopes, you can also modify gradients color according to your needs. To simplify printing there is also a new gray theme. Finally there is a new experimental gtk+3 gui that you can try.